Chris Herb – Oktan

Just before embarking on Daughtry’s Europe/UK tour in March 2014 (the first of two European trips in this touring year with the band), Erik Emil Eskildsen suggested that while I was passing through Köln, I should try and meet with one of our peers; a young German touch-style guitarist by the name of Chris Herb….

cz fire

centrozoon – Fire

Fire was an exciting record for me to mix as it served as something of a counterbalance to centrozoon‘s studio album boner (a version of which I also mixed and is featured here).  A series of videos of the Fire performances was circulated in promotion for the band’s then-upcoming “We Will Tongue You” European tour…

ab stnl

Adrian Benavides – Same Time Next Life

“Same Time Next Life probably won’t be for everyone, and it’s certainly not an easy listen, but there’s enough here to recommend to any prog fan, and no doubt King Crimson lovers will want to check this out.” — seaoftranquility.org   “Weaving together disjointed industrial noise with progressive rock elements, the record is lush in…

cg camp tour poster

Childish Gambino – Camp Tour 2012

I began working with Childish Gambino in March 2012 as the playback/backline tech through to the end of the first leg of the Camp tour.  I was tasked with building a computer-based rig suitable for the tour which would include several fly-dates and festival shows.  I did so with a couple of modified 2011 MacBook…

cz boner ab

centrozoon – boner

“Hundreds of initial hours of free trio improvisation were cut and pasted into new compositions; then a third layer of process was added via two outside remixers, each of whom independently cloned and mixed down the finished sessions. The result is two twinned but different takes on the final album, with different mixes and track…

zt form

ZweiTon – Form

“It’s one of those rare feats on a record like this where the musical end of things invites intrigue, nothing gets into too much into a frenzy or into a musical clusterf*ck, the tunage remains coherent and relevant to the ears, offering up tinges of both jam band and prog auras sealed through a post-rock…