Adrian Benavides – Same Time Next Life

“Same Time Next Life probably won’t be for everyone, and it’s certainly not an easy listen, but there’s enough here to recommend to any prog fan, and no doubt King Crimson lovers will want to check this out.”



“Weaving together disjointed industrial noise with progressive rock elements, the record is lush in texture and guides the listener with anthemic riffs through unexpected musical arrangements.”

— Drumhead Magazine


“Once you have found access to the music of Adrian Benavides, you can hardly get enough of it and is always a trip to a dark and oppressive place with yet more fascinating new details revealed upon repeated listening.”



Same Time Next Life is my solo debut record co-written and co-produced with my friend and Unsung Productions partner Markus Reuter.  The album features King Crimson‘s Pat Mastelotto on drums for the majority of the record and a wonderful painting by Ramiro Rodriguez on the cover (whose work I had been familiar with through his illustrations for the band Tool).

The record is a highly personal account of the loss of my daughter, Valentina, who was stillborn in the spring of 2010.

Released on Unsung Records in June 2012, the album is available in the United States through Discipline Global Mobile, the UK through Burning Shed and in Europe through Unsung Records.  *The European download edition contains the exclusive bonus track Reflection I.

I’ve documented the creation of the album in a series of blog entries which are linked here for your convenience:

You can listen to the album here:



Produced, mixed, and written by Adrian Benavides and Markus Reuter for Unsung Productions

Mastered by Lee Fletcher

Design by Bernhard Wöstheinrich

Painting by Ramiro Rodriguez

Featuring performances by: Adrian Benavides, Mike Day, Alex Dowerk, Annette Garza, Pat Mastelotto, Eoghan McCloskey and Markus Reuter

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